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The Truck Stop Iłowa restaurant is housed in the building of the Orlen gas station. The dishes, prepared on site, are always fresh. Home-cooked dishes are the specialty of the kitchen.

For breakfast we recommend scrambled eggs fried in butter or with bacon. For lunch we recommend red borsch, sour soup, tripe soup or goulash soup as starters. The main courses served at the restaurant include poultry chops and breaded pork chops, roast chicken legs, baked beans, “bigos” (stewed sauerkraut and meat) and croquettes with mushrooms or meat. You are also encouraged to try “gołąbki” (cabbage rolls with rice and meat) in tomato sauce and “pierogi ruskie” (“Russian” dumplings with potato and cottage cheese filling) or dumplings with meat.

As there are many grilled dish lovers among truck drivers we recommend grilled pork, pork knuckle and pork skewers.

You are more than welcome to visit our restaurant in the Truck Stop Iłowa complex. The soup of the day is just PLN 4. Drivers who get a lunch voucher for buying 200 liters of gas are free to set up their meal. No limitations as to the set of food you choose!


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