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As many as one hundred parking spaces for articulated vehicles and no fees - these are the most important features of the Truck Stop Iłowa complex, located just before ESA Trucks service station. Additional parking spaces are located near the Orlen gas station.

The parking lot in the Truck Stop Iłowa complex is equipped with power connectors for semi-trailers. This is particularly appreciated by drivers of refrigerated trucks, as they can relax in the quiet instead of listening to the sound of power generators.

The parking lot is also equipped with a free 10 bar tire inflation station. The infrastructure of the Truck Stop Iłowa complex makes it possible to dispose of waste from buses.

When making a stop at Truck Stop Iłowa drivers need not worry about their security, property or the transported goods. The parking lot is under constant camera surveillance. The area is patrolled by professional security guards 24 hours a day, who can help with any organizational issues.

Open-air relaxation is provided by arbors, where electricity and running water are available for free. Free Wi-Fi Internet is also available at the Truck Stop Iłowa parking lot.

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